Return to Work

Our return to work software empowers individuals to return to work faster and easier while giving our clients behavioral and claims operational insights that can be used to mitigate claims costs. 


Faster RTW Outcomes 

Improve return to work outcomes with a concierge-like application that adapts to the varied needs of claimants. Enable claimants to build confidence, optimism, and motivation to return to work by giving them the right recovery tool for them at the right time, in the palm of their hand. 

Easier Consumer Experience

Alleviate the stress of claimants struggling to navigate the claims process with an application that is one part GPS and one part sherpaa. This lets the individual focus on what is important for getting back to work. It also elevates the consumer experience with an app-driven experience.  

Customer Experience.jpg

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Improved Analytics

Transform how claims are triaged and managed with a first of its kind system that collects and analyzes behavioral, psychosocial, and physiological data. Go beyond predictive analytics into the realm of prescriptive analytics in order to provide the right resource at the exact right time.