Return to Work

Our team of behavioral scientists and technologists build software that enables and expedites injured and disabled employees’ return to work, while giving claims teams the behavioral and operational insights needed to mitigate claims costs (all without requiring IT integration).  


Faster Return to Work

Improve return to work outcomes with software that continuously monitors an employee's recovery, sensing when a claim is about to go off track, and serving up evidence-based recovery actions in real time to help keep a claim on the right track.

Improved Claims Experience

Currently, injured and disabled employees have the equivalent of a road atlas to navigate their recovery. We give them with the equivalent of a GPS to help navigate their recovery- a super simple text and web-based application that requires no download for them to use (and no IT integration for the claims team).

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Actionable Insights

Transform how claims are triaged and managed with a first of its kind system that continuously collects and analyzes behavioral, psychosocial, and physiological claims data in real time, so that your company knows exactly when a claims goes off track.