Health Plans

Empower your existing health coaches with Gain Life's HIPAA-compliant digital health coaching platform. Achieve 2X the outcomes, engagement, and scalability of existing weight management and diabetes prevention coaching programs using your plan's existing health coaches.



Double the weight loss results of best-in-class offerings with Gain Life's digital weight management and CDC-recognized diabetes prevention programs, ManUP and PowerUP. These personalized and holistic (mind and body) programs deliver industry-leading one-year weight loss results of 12% for women and 14% for men. 


Our gender-specific programs, ManUP and PowerUP, allow plan members to select their preferred level of accountability (one-on-one coaching, group-based, or self-guided). This doubles our programs' use compared to other health coach platforms, as evidenced in our unprecedented engagement across plan populations. 



Traditional telephonic health coaching no longer meets the needs of today's tech savvy population. Plan members expect a consumer-grade experience that lets them take control of their health on their own terms -- whether that means adopting the latest tech (like in-app texting) or selecting how they experience coaching (either 1:1 with a personal coach, in a group, or on their own). Our platform expands your coaches' impact by offering all of this and more.