The majority of annual health expenses are tied to preventable chronic conditions, but it doesn't make sense to invest in wellness programs that may not work. That's why we created the highest value weight management and healthy living programs on the market. These digital programs achieve twice the outcomes and engagement of competition at an unmatched value. 

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Cost savings

We put our money where our mouth is, with the most competitive, pay for what you get, offering in the business. That's right -- no more paying for promises, just results. 


Double the engagement of typical weight loss offerings with our individualized weight management and healthy living programs, ManUP and PowerUP. Our gender-specific programs take a holistic mind-plus-body approach to improve wellbeing. So, you'll see happier, more productive employees. 


Double the weight loss results of best-in-class offerings with Gain Life's digital weight management and CDC-recognized diabetes prevention programs, ManUP and PowerUP. Our one-year weight loss results are 12% for women (PowerUP) and 14% for men (ManUP). 

Turnkey rollouts, so no need to sweat the details:

  • Customized marketing materials

  • Real time engagement and outcomes reporting

  • Account management support when you need it