The “motivation layer” for digital health

Our personalization engine allows us to give individuals what they want (e.g., weight loss) while building into the process what they need (i.e., change in mindset). We’ve proven this approach works in weight loss with our own programs, and we’re in process of proving its efficacy in multiple therapeutic areas through licensing our API. Our vision is to be the gold standard “motivation layer” for digital health.


ManUP Health

• Weight loss designed for guys

• Makes losing weight feel like playing a sport

• Mindset, activity, and nutrition focus

• Accountability of a coach and teammates

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PowerUP Health

• Healthy living program for women

• 24/7 support, anytime, anywhere

• Holistic mindset/nutrition/activity approach

• Accountability and support of a coach

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A new evidence-based behavior change approach

Most behavior change solutions focus on a narrow subset of behavioral constructs, self-monitoring, and problem solving. Our model, grounded in contemporary behavior change theory — and informed by consumer product development and marketing best practices — is a comprehensive account of the change process that identifies and targets previously unrealized psychological dimensions that are foundational to changing behavior.